Nagendra - Technology Creator and Startup Founder

Startup Chief Architect/CTO

Software Entrepreneur - finance, mobile, cloud computing, linux, emerging technologies, software as a service

Startup co-founder and technology entrepreneur SaaS innovator, patent author, designer

Investors have portfolios, on my portfolio sits beautiful technology platforms of the past, the present and the future; being built - today.

As a passionate technology innovator, I invest and leverage my waking hours to build something of great value out of nothing. This has been my pursuit to change the world - for the better, through the values I hold.

Being an early technology adaptor has its perks - the luxury of hand picking assignments that are truly innovative. After having been a consultant to architect many technology projects and founded technology startups as early as in my teens till today, a much wiser but still young myself continue the pursuit of excellence – to create something afresh.

As a Technology Architect, I do at work :
  • Architect, design, prototype & actually build amazing products
  • See & describe the big picture(in crisp detail)
  • Provide options
  • Find the 80/20
  • Collaborate with stunning developers
  • and do what-ever-it-takes to make things happen