Nagendra - Passionate Technology Innovator

Nagendra is a passionate technologist

About Nagendra - Passionate, Creative and Emphatic Individual who loves to meditate and is good connoisseur of art & artistic works

the Story and Experiences growing up in bangalore with technology

Silence is beautiful, to say less encourages you to do more

It was early 90's, while I grew up in downtown bangalore, wondered how the world worked, messing around with every gadget that I could find in hopes of unlocking the mind of person who designed something from nothing.

Today with years of being playful with electronics, ZX spectrum, designing computers by hand, early linux, packet radio, BBS, internet in 95's and a string of startups, I enjoy a unique relatability to things that make the world go round.

I am :
  • In This Moment
  • In Pursuit of Elegance
  • Hands-on & at Home with Technology
  • Avid Meditator..few minutes to nothingness
  • Radio Amateur(vu2cln)
  • Adventure Traveler
  • Vegetarian & a Conservationist